Chapter 4 The School

So that’s all it contains for the family, so lets come to now friends. I mean school life, my friend was too much obsessed with all the happenings in the life. Most probably when you got to school with your friends, where everyone treat you normally because they don’t know what happening in your life and my noob friend start thinking that they are life and happiness is not ended but that was just a moment until scenario changed.

Her behavior was too kind to everyone like she was too frank with everyone thus everyone around her open to her easily sharing their problems with her instead sharing her own. She got a huge friend circle and she start to give them love, the love which is never got from the family. Well this was just the beginning when everyone show their true colors.

I tell you guys, here in india we people decide the character of girl that how she behave, through her past, clothes she wear. Same thing applied to her, she was kind, happy, frank etc. But all her male friends proposed her (you can’t believe all of them propose her). As though they think she is intrested in them but in real she was not. She was just kind because she thinks, maybe the problems she faced has faced by someone another she met, thus she was kind.

So she rejected the proposal, but here we come again in indian culture. That a girl refuse then boy contain all rights to fuck her life. All boys started a humor that, she is a slut and everyone in her school see her through that eyes. All her females friends ?? That all was damn jealous of her, they think she is fake and drama queen plus attention seeker.

In between all these snakes, she got some lifetime relation like Best friends who stood by her side know that she is right. But i told you guys…. That my friend is noob and idiot. Her close friends told her not to trust others but she never listen them and trust others when she got dump then come back to these people again and at some point they left her too, saying. “You never listen to us, do what you want but don’t come or talk to us ever again”. So here her school life goes, where being good, kind and nice person can fuck your life. She never made out of depression.

I hope you are linking this if you are not just comment you view, because these stories are too important for me. Anyone if anyone think this is stupid so i can stop writing. Thank you

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