Chapter 3 Innocence Murdered

In the previous chapter, I told you about the financial problems was faced by my friend and her family. soon in this chapter you will read about, how she got abused in family. Continue reading….

So at the age of 6, her whole life got scattered point of perspective and everything got changed. The first incident held at her grandfather’s home when after the death, mine friend’s father asked for their part in the estate with her brother and sister. So situation got a lot worse. My friend father got beated up by his brothers in front of whole family and her mother was in the foots saying sorry to brothers. Still they abused them alot without stopping until police came. Can you guys feel the pain ?? That a 6 year old child seeing her parents get beated up and abused in front of her. All she can do at that time was cry…..

My friend father does not have any job because they was very rich. But since they got 0% from her grandfather’s property. Situation got alot worse. Worse so much that, they don’t have money to afford food 2 times a day. Even so being a child, children don’t know how much these things affect so she as normal child do childish things. But her parents was alot in pressure. Pressure that they deal with her daughter too badly. I remember when she told me, that her mother once threw a pair of scissors at her which got struck in her foot. Still give me goosebumps when i see the mark of that at her foot.

Day by day

Bit by bit

Situation were not getting any good instead they was getting alot more. Still, it doesn’t have mean to stop her Education. So my friend’s parents decided to send her daughter to her aunt’s home (the same aunt i told you in previous chapters). As per, their parents have to do job or sacrifice themselves but do not want their child to face the same things. So here she came to her aunt’s home (in my hometown). Here done the killing of 8 years girl Innocence. I do remember when she told me this, she shivered and also do cry.

Her unkle aunt treated her like shit. They never ask her to have food. It was just a formality that come do have lunch. And the shocking part is she always beat her and abused her. Her aunt always slap her if she did one thing wrong or misbehave. If due to some problem in work of her Unkle. At night, her unkle beat her abuse her in order to get his mood right. She got have to live their for 5-6 months and this is how they treat her. Her parents don’t know about all this because the treatment they gave her, she never got open to someone because she is scared and afraid. Their aunt always teach her that,” i you tell anything to anyone, we gonna beat your parents the same way, we beat you”.

From the point onwards, she become the patient of depressing and anxiety and the smile that was lost for ever……………. She got no one. Not a single person to whom she could relay on.

And when she find that one person, that person she could trust. That person also betrayed her.

That person was me.

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