Chapter 2 Change Of Plot

I am gonna pick about, her end of happy life first. I mean where the all things begin, but the thing that had to be notice is her age was 6.

My best friend’s birth place was himachal ( india’s mountain region). I first tell the readers, that the most rich people was from mountain regions as though they own the whole Mountain as their property. Guessing the my friend was too rich then. I mean she got all the things without saying. A princess like treatment, A child whom everyone love the most and also she was first child in the family. All love belong to her. Then it happens death of major person of family, her grandfather.

Thus it arises the common problem which is seen in all the family. The dividing of Property and when you have left so much behind. So after all the fights, it was declare by the court that no property will be given to her father. This changes the environment alot around her. The girl who was once treated as princess now have to leave her hometown to new city because her parents don’t have money or job. So for the start, it was too difficult for her too accept that she will not get what she want. Even though the things she have will be taken from her too.

So that was the turing point in her life, where a child have to live a poor life from a rich life just in a blink of eye. So that’s how she got shifted here in her father’s sister home on rent. If i forgot to mention, all the property was under this sister whose home they have to move in. Probably her aunt, Is the true evil here in her story. You will be see her soon when i post her chapter too.

I am gonna ask you guys, what will be your opinion if you were at her place. At the age of 6 when we meant to have no pressure, just fun but she seen abusing, fights, courts, police station etc. ?? If you were there ehat you do ?

I prefer you guys to stay tuned for next chapter because that include all the problems she faced or seen when they lost the whole property and what was the reaction of others relatives towards her.

Stay tunned…… There is much to come that you can’t imagine.

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