So, I don’t know how to give right introduction to this but i guess i am gonna right about the one person or the best person of my life.

Gonna started

Many of us meet unlimited people through out of our lifetime. Most of them stay, most of them betray, most usually don’t care etc etc i can give many of these. What we call them ? Friends, yes those people who make our life worth living. People who put fun, stupidity, sometimes hardships but we can do everything with them. So here i am telling you the story of mine world, lifeline, my everything, mine Best friend.

We all face problems in life and most probably affected by them changing our nature and so so on. Well i will give you example, a biography of person. I guess you will like that stay tuned story will be in chapters, every chapter will be describing one person who hurt her throughout making her to live a unliving life. Soo guess if i got nice response i will give you the name. Guess it gonna be good……

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